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Latest Videos Poster Date Added
Episode p12E Wayha Aug 2, 2015
Episode p11 Wayha Aug 2, 2015
Episode p10 Wayha Aug 2, 2015
Episode p09 Wayha Aug 1, 2015
Episode p08 Wayha Aug 1, 2015
Episode p07 Wayha Aug 1, 2015
Episode p06 Wayha Aug 1, 2015
Episode p05 Wayha Aug 1, 2015
Episode p04 Wayha Jul 31, 2015
Episode p03 Wayha Jul 11, 2015
Episode p02 Wayha Jul 11, 2015
Episode 01 Wayha May 24, 2015

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You're very welcome sweetie:). I'm a bit slow uploading ...


Wow Wayha, you added five episodes today? Thank you so...


Hurray, more episode... thank you....


Thanks again....


Thank you, love this lakorn....


  • pinmony

    @Wayha, could you check this lakorn or re-upload this please… it said “this video has removed by the user”.

    Much appreciate.

    • Wayha

      Hi Pinmony, I’ll fix this when I get a chance. thanks for letting me know.

      • pinmony

        Thank you so much Wayha. whenever you have time no rush. If you happen to have this lakorn in Thai or know any link … please let me know. I’m a big fan Johnny. Would love to see those lakorns from the 90s especially if they’re dubbed by Mayura.

        Thank you again for spending your value time upload all these lakorns for us.

  • Sokhom

    Hi Wayha I like the old movies dubbed by Mayura ,can you find more to upload please .Thank you

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