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Episode 30End

Prapun Pous

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Thankyou Chenna, this is a great movie, cant wait for all the episodes to come o...


i so totally agree with both of u. nd yes the voice is what threw me off the mo...


sorry have no control over it...


nd this is the link for it...http://www.khmersearch.com/album/pkai-vong-veng-mek...


if you're talking about videos from 5-8 years ago, yes some are broken but we be...


Hi Chenna why we cannot see the end episodes of many movies, this is bad. we fo...

Sue Ung

very good move but only to 2 part a week .we need faster....


Khmer drama is not like back in the days. Nowadays they try so hard to the point...


@chenna, it’s corny, but not horrible. Khmer drama has a long way to go. They ...